Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Such a sweet day of rememberance! Our town always hosts a dear solemn parade that ends at the town's war memorial. I love seeing the veterans in their uniforms and serious faces as they quietly lay their wreaths and offer up their prayers. It touches me when the townspeople lay out and hang flags on their porches before they start their grills or crack open their first beers. If there is any doubt that patriotism no longer exists, one must simply visit our little town to see that we have not forgotten!

And such a high day we had! The cobalt blue sky held the warm sun which acted as though it had nothing better to do then make crystals and diamonds for us all. The beautiful weather gave this holy and honorable holiday a poignancy that stirred my soul and I am glad I took the time to attend the parade and service once again. Where would we be without this old tradition that ushers in our American summer and causes us to pause in rememberance and gratitude for all the courageous soldiers who saved the things that matter most?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to "A Lovely Inconsequence", my blog. I will be writing about life, love, beauty, fashion, knitting, books, cooking, entertaining and all things lovely, inconsequenually and otherwise....