Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Early Summer Beauty

Summer beauty
can be a challenge. The hot weather along with summer's monkeywrench, humidity, can make one's hair limp and unmanageable. However, the worse thing that Uncle Humidity does to us, is related to how it makes us feel: listless and unmotivated. But summer is not the time to renege on our beauty promise to ourselves. In fact, summer may be the perfect time to step up our beauty routines.
A tepid bath in the evening with a handful of Epsom salts is just the thing before drawing that batiste nightgown over our heads. This bath will not only soothe but lower the body temperature and help induce a peaceful sleep. Some of us prefer cotton pajamas with camisoles but the ubiquitous nightie is the coolest garment for nighttime restoration. A friend recently told me that the perfect attire for summer nights is the three piece pajama set: pants, camisole, and matching bed jacket, especially for the nights when our air conditioner is running full throttle. Whatever garments are chosen, one must be careful that everything possible has been done to create a restful environment and bodily condition for sleeping. Cranky picnic goers and their ilk are no fun.

So, despite Uncle Humidity, take care in the evening to maintain your beauty routine. Take the aforementioned water cure, wear lightweight bedclothes (and do make sure your bed is crisp and fresh before tucking in), and continue with your eye cream and unguents. A light spritz of your favorite toilet water would also be a welcome addition to your nighttime regime, especially if it is kept in the ice box during the day.

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