Monday, April 26, 2010

Second Mothers

I had a second mother - the mother of my first and only childhood best friend. Paula's mother even called me "my second daughter". I have a dear wonderful mother but my best friend's mother's influence, molded me as well. I have been sending my second mother a Mother's Day card every year since I left home. So does my sister. We know one day those cards may not make it into Rosemary's lovely hands. Perhaps they will then become Daughter-of-Second-Mother cards.

Last year my 2nd mother and my best friend came to my home for a summer visit. I had not seen them in 25 years. When the car pulled up, I stepped out onto the porch smiling. My 2nd mother stepped out of the car with her arms opened wide. Our three way embrace caught each of us off guard as we found ourselves suddenly weeping.

The Mother's Day cards I send to Rosemary each year have many ways of saying Happy Mother's Day but they all have just one meaning: Thank you for including me in your circle of love....

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