Thursday, September 2, 2010

September my love....

A hurricane is charging toward my area and preparations are certainly being made. What may be lovely, however, is that the heat's back will at last be broken - it has been an oppressively hot and humid summer. Even for those who love the warmth, this summer has been almost too much.

But September will reign supreme and bring us her queenly gifts - fresh air, high days of sunshine and wispy clouds that tend to tug at one's heartstrings, the remembrances of days gone by, the hope of days to come, and the beginning of the delightful run-up to Christmas. September is always a love...

Each year, I long for the first sweater day and in honor of that, I have begun to knit again. I am also planning to finally make an apple pie in apple pie order, buy a new lipstick, bake something savory, and drink hot tea once again.

September days are gentle-warm with deliciously cool nights. Windows will still be cracked but we will feel the comfort of blankets on our shoulders again.

And as September rolls along, I will quietly put summer to bed: the outdoor things will be stored, the linen closet will be tidied, and I will bring my magenta geranium indoors and try yet again to winter a plant that brashly lives for summer only. I still hope that this will be the year flowers bloom at my winter window.

Everything seems possible when September draws close again - as when a love comes home at last....


  1. I like September because it's followed by October, and Octobers in Texas are perfect for light sweaters and sitting on the deck in the evening knitting, or taking a spin with the top down on the car. Bring your knitting and come sit on the deck, if it gets too cool we start a fire in the chimenea.

  2. Jo, it sounds wonderful - just my kind of evening!

  3. This is so beautifully written and would look most at home in the pages of the original Victoria magazine. Wonderful post.

  4. I heartily agree, Donna, a charming post about one of the calendar's most glorious months! Thanks for helping us put summer to bed so beautifully!
    Karen Marline