Sunday, March 6, 2011

There's a Kind of Hush...

For me, Herman’s Hermits 1967 hit song seems to be heralding in spring, the year’s softest season. And it is only natural that the fashion song I sing takes me back to 1967 in April, when I was just old enough to savor one of my first Seventeens. The clothes that year had a rare combination of femininity and demure sexiness, a mix that is not seen often in today’s world where outrageous and tasteless seems de rigueur.

As I contemplate my closet during these quiet pre-spring weeks, I am looking for items that will conjure up the looks of 1967 when paired with some new things on my shopping list. My luscious cream lace blouse, circa 2006, will be just the thing with a new lightweight wool A-line skirt in lavender or baby blue. A silvery chain belt and light patterned tights will add a feminine blush to my ensemble. Hopefully, I may even find a pair of patent leather shoes with just the right delicately squared toe and chunky heel.

There is a cheerfulness and happiness associated with these clothes. They’re as optimistic as Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas’ That Girl) as she auditions tirelessly in her pastel Cardinali spring coats with matching handbags. And Seventeen tells me that Loveable’s new floral lingerie will be the “foundation for a day on cloud nine where all things are possible”. Maybe I’ll curl my hair too and add a ribbon. We need a little spring 1967 after a winter that just wouldn't let go. I am thinking only of freshness, flirty touches, lace, and pastels. And right now, it’s the only sound that you will hear.


  1. 1967...I would turn 15 that year, on the brink of the magical world of being a grown up.

  2. ...and anything was possible, Judy...


  3. A wonderfully evocative post, Donna, brilliantly written and sooooo lovely! You've hit the Slicker-polished nail on its tip! I adore this post!!! Luv, Kay