Thursday, February 17, 2011

Someone I Love

Someone I love has been very ill. But she's going to be alright. She has my spirit, my eyes, and now my illness. I've handled mine well and I will teach her to handle hers. It will become merely a nuisance and a reminder to take good care of herself. The taking good care will be the gift - a paltry silver lining.

It's hard when a child is suddenly not well, even a grown child who is now whole. When one holds one's infant for the first time, many wishes are bestowed including the deepest fervent hope for health and well-being. It is a tender pain when a mother realizes that wish may not be fulfilled in its entirety.

Still, all will be well with medication and wisdom. I've already held a candle and led the way. She will merely follow this road less traveled, placing her steps carefully in the footprints I've left behind. She's not in pain anymore and that is a great thing.

I wish her Godspeed on her journey back to health...and send her all my precious love....