Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Embroidered so with flowers..."

I like nothing better than a good embellishment. Not the Christmas sweater variety, but a slightly fancy, pretty little thing on a belt, handbag, or shoe. And mostly I like flowers.
The problem is, once a woman is past a certain age, floral embellishments can look, well, old ladyish. The trick is to use these lyrical touches in a way that's modern and new and shows an appreciation for poetic vintage looks in contemporary dressing.
I think that Caroline Herrera's collection from 2011, based on 18th century botanicals fits the bill ideally. The pieces are reminiscent of Mrs. Delaney's paper mosaicks and yet have a fresh and current appeal to them. The skirt is paired with a crisp white blouse and t-strap sandals.
I cannot give up my floral embellishments and flowers have always been the feminine symbol of beauty throughout the centuries. When worn with restraint, embellishments can seem both timeless and modern.

Quote above by Mary Pendaves Delany

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  1. Very lovely skirt! I just this morning put DOWN a huge silk flower that I had attached to my collar, thinking "frump alert!"...That skirt is gorgeous! Great post! K.