Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Enchanted Evening

Unexpectedly, life will turn a corner and it’s abruptly sadder and not as much fun, at least for a while. The phone that rang with good news of babies being born, new houses being built, and voyages taken, now rings with news that someone beloved has died, a home has been lost, or an accident has altered a good life that was being lived vividly.

I was having just such a period when a dear friend asked me go to a country-western bar with her. “You need a good time”, she implored. I implored back, “Have you MET me?”. My life is about Bronte, Austen, Keats, theater, ballet and not about cowboy boots, beer, and fiddles. All mistaken stereotypes, I know....

After much cajoling, I realized that perhaps I did indeed need a good time, even if it was in a saloon with a flashing neon “Bud Light” sign.  I told my friend I would go for two hours only.

Soon after entering the darkened place, we were both asked to dance. My partner turned out to be a darling older gent in a cowboy hat whose day job was repairing flagpoles. He was a true gentleman who patiently taught me the two step and was interesting to talk to (how else would I now know that flagpoles break? A lot.) Being significantly older than I, we had no expectations of seeing each other again. My friend was luckier, however. Her partner had pulled me aside a minute after stepping through the door and asked for an introduction. He was smitten at first sight and they danced together for the entire evening.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the other dancers take to the scarred wooden floor in a happy rhythm. I learned that the lyrics of country music can be poignant to the point of tearful tenderness. I picked up the chorus of a few twangy numbers and sang along with a beer mug in my hand. My dance partner put his arm about my shoulders and sang with me. My friend and her new man were enchanting to watch under the strangely modified disco ball that sprinkled stardust across the dance floor. I saw that the female guitarist is actually the corporate attorney on the third floor of my office building. I couldn’t remember when I had such a grand time. It was a jovial night filled with new friends, music, stars and even romance.  And for a time, while we were there, nobody died.  Not one person.

PS ….and dear readers, my friend married him. She really did!


  1. She married him?? Wow, what a GREAT ending! You evoked a charming night and a lovely romantic mood with this, Donna! Well done!
    Hugs, K

  2. A delightful story and a nice lesson, too.

  3. What a lovely and romantic tale! The times when you don't expect to meet someone or to have a good time are always the best ones of all. I love the beautiful way you've written this too.


  4. Melusine, how kind you are...you make writing a blog worthwhile!