Thursday, November 15, 2012

What dreams may come...

A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.
~Albert Camus

My dear friend Kay sent me this quote and then we experimented to see which early memories have shaped our lives. I adored one of hers: quietly studying her parents from beneath the dining room table as they washed dishes together in companionable rhythm.

One of mine was seeing the long stretch of our backyard in the moonlight with deep crusty snow sprinkled over with snow dust as our car pulled into the dark driveway late on a winter night.

These are very early memories that become rooted in our hearts and may explain why just one picture on Pinterest will find us softly gasping or sighing with sudden emotion, even if we are not sure why. My sister played along later and I discovered some images of hers I had forgotten. We both recollected the snow dust vista – which speaks to the power and beauty of that image in both our lives.

I love the idea of my heart opening to things now because I bore witness to them once upon a time. Here are a few more images from both Kay, my sister and I:

A lamp in my parent’s bedroom depicting an 18th century couple (Kay’s passion for the American Revolution)

Rubbing my finger across black-as-midnight, velvet Maryjane’s (my sister's love of texture and design)

The Barbie doll box with heart-stopping illustrations of mid-1950’s outfits (Kay’s work as a costumer and image consultant)

The top of my grandmother’s dresser, a jumble of pearls, beads, perfume bottles, handkerchiefs, and gloves (my constant appetite for all things feminine and pretty)

Stained glass windows in church lit from the outside by the sun (my sister’s fever for bright colors and light)

As we draw close to Thanksgiving, recall the images that first opened your heart and please share them in a comment or two.


  1. What a lovely sharing, Donna! I'm glad to contribute my memories and hope others will take a moment to share the images that acted like sunlight to unfurl the petals of their hearts. Much love this Thanksgiving and always, Kay

  2. I love the message behind this post. My favorite memories were all of the holiday decorations going up at my grandmothers and the sounds of laughter combined with dinner cooking in the background. All just a memory at this point but one the I cherish deeply.