Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why don't you.....wear a tartan skirt?

 The inimitable Diana Vreeland included a column called "Why don't you....?" in Harpers Bazaar when she was at the magazine's helm.  Her little suggestions were at times audacious as in, "Why don't you rinse your child's hair in champagne to make it blonder"? (I would have used a lemon), or "Why don't you wear fruit hats"? (no thank you).  But some of Vreeland's suggestions were charming and stylish, i.e., "Why don't you travel with your own wool raspberry throw"?, or "Why don't you tie a dozen silver balloons to your child's bed post on New Years Eve"?  My own "Why don't you....?" for these weeks leading up to Christmas would be "Why don't you wear a tartan skirt?" And I wonder why more women aren't wearing plaid skirts as they are so traditional, so festive, so cute!
There are great ways to make them work in today's world.  For a younger woman, I suggest a shorter skirt, something flippy and reminicsent of a school girl but with edge.  Perhaps a pair of bootie type shoes and tights.  I wear my red plaid skirt with a black cashmere turtleneck and a faux fur scarf.  Long tartan skirts are so hostessy and elegant on Christmas Eve.  Add a large crimson silk flower to your shoulder and keep the rest simple:  simple black velvet slides, a crisp white blouse, soft leather belt.  Tartan pencil skirts are librarian chic.  Why don't you make yours look like an heirloom garment from a great aunt with a shetland cardigan and large marcasite brooch?

Don't rule out tartans that are not red.  Black watch plaid, blues, greens all look pretty with dark tights and with boots.  This is the perfect time of year to get out those plaids.  Why ever don't you???


  1. I wear my tartan kilt every Christmas Eve! When I was growing up I wore a red tartan but now that I'm older and have done genealogical research, I discovered that my ancestors actually have a tartan and so I wear this one:

  2. Amy, that's a beauty! Would love to know how you wear your kilt (accessories). Our family tartan is blue (we are Scottish too) with a pale gold thread. I couldn't find a photo of it but I recall the jumpers and skirts my grandmother made of the plaid fabric! Thank you for your comment!

  3. Amy,
    There is nothing more festive than plaids during the holidays! Winters are always cozier when tartans take the stage! I have a tafeta black watch plaid skirt. I am ready for a Christmas with wearing it.
    Love your blog,

  4. I love plaids, especially the one in the illustration. So beautiful. These days I see less and less people dressing up for the holidays. I still do and enjoy it.
    Happy Holidays Emily!

  5. Isn't it pretty Chris??? Happy Christmas to you and may you incorporate all those lovely touches from your grandmother into your holidays! I am going to!


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