Saturday, September 28, 2013

Laura Quinn, Working Girl Style


Laura Quinn (Demi Moore) is a fascinating style icon for the working girl.  Her controlled 1960's look mirrors her contained deameanor.  Always being overlooked for promotions over the Mad Men dressed males in her company, she retaliates by working harder and harder.

"Flawless" is a heist movie also starring Michael Caine.  It's not a caper or a fun romp though.  Laura Quinn, Oxford graduate, works at the London Diamond Company as a "manager".  But her business acumen outplays the men yet she silently watches as her ideas are acted upon and then promptly credited to her co-workers.  It's 1960's afterall, and working life is hard for brilliant women. 

Laura's dark grey and black tweed suits are fitted tightly to her body. She uses her accessories to soften the blow:  pearls, crystals, and yes, diamonds.  She is never not wearing her shiny black pumps and they clickety clack satisfactorily throughout the film.  Her long full coats contain her lithe body and show off her glossy flip hair style.  I loved her bright red fingernails and lipstick. 

Laura doesn't smile much - she is always the first one to the office and the last to leave.  We see many scenes of her coming and going carrying her fine black attaché case and her beautiful small framed handbags in snakeskin and shiny leathers.  My heart went out to her as she silently strategized her next move alone in her 1950's style apartment, quietly laying on an antique setee in her silk damask pajamas and cozy oversized brown mohair cardigan.  A tossed pashmina covering her feet.  Elegant quietude, even in brain-storming repose.

This is a stylistic movie that is beautifully filmed with shades of dove grey and pearl.  I loved Laura's hardworking stance, her fine mind.  Perhaps the diamonds are the third character in the film but they do not outshine the sparkling facets of the lonely, ladylike and beautifully feminine working girl, Laura Quinn.

Here is my pick for a modern day Laura Quinn working girl style icon:


  1. This movie is now a must see for me!

  2. I can't wait to see this film! Great review and it sounds like working girl perfection. And thanks for not spoiling it with too much info! Love, Kay