Thursday, October 10, 2013

Come October

October tugs at my heart more than any other month.  It calls to mind school days, plaid skirts, football games, sunshine and comfort foods.  Its atmospheric ways stir the soul and put extra meaning into everything.  Who can forget a cobalt blue sky, biting air, a cozy sweater...a first love that was, as October - fleeting and never meant to last?  Whispers of the past waft through every October like an oft-remembered childhood poem of hushed stanzas filled with dreams and memories.  Life is just more lived in October.

Now is the time make jams, savor the last of the garden blooms, or just read a book in the sweet sunshine.  Here is my October mood board to, well...get you in the mood.

October is made for honey (can't you hear the bees buzzing around that distant hive?).  Try a sweet honey soap or bath product.  Or pour a dollop of honey in a cup of decaffeinated tea after a long day at work.

Choose an amber scent that reminds you of the passing summer.  A warm fragrance with a woodsy base.  Email me for my personal recommendations.

Put away your cool silvers and choose a golden locket or cuff bracelet.  Capture summer sun on your wrist.

Retro Silhouette
Look for school girl tartans in mustards and lodens.  Match luggage toned shoes with handbags.

Sweater Days
Don that fisherman sweater or cashmere turtleneck.  Revel in the warmth on chilly nights.

Come October, create something lovely - a wreath or even a delicious meal.  Make amends, kiss someone, keep faith...recall a childhood poem from so long ago. 
(Fav fall films:  You've Got Mail, Practical Magic, Desk Set, Mona Lisa Smile, Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House, and oh so many more!) 

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  1. What a lovely post! I always want dark or bright plaids in the fall, and I develop an appetite for butterscotch or peanut butter cookies in the late afternoon. Must be my grade school days haunting me! I look for muskier scents, too, not the green, citrus-y smells of summer. Fall passes too quickly!