Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fashion and a Guest

One doesn't need a petite cottage in the backyard to host a guest.  Just a comfy bed and a little space for some personal things.  My friend Karen is here for her yearly visit and I am over the moon.

We began exactly where we left off in conversation, we are so in sync.  But this year we also started with a bang and drove to Newport in fog as thick as mashed potatoes to hear a lecture on, what else?  Fashion.  Caroline Reynolds Milbank, author of "Resort Fashion" gave a marvelous talk about leisure fashion.  It was way too brief and although I loved the photographs on the screen, Karen and I both agreed Milbank's love of clothes was infectious and was worth the price of admission.

Later, we eschewed dinner out because of rain gusts and resumed our spots on the couch with tea and toast.  Naturally, the conversation turned to children who have left or are leaving, dreams and hopes for them and ourselves, and of course, what else?  Fashion.

I shyly told Karen that I've been admiring the style of Tricia Nixon Cox, who just saw her son off in marriage.  I described a pretty mother-of-the-bride dress based on Mrs. Cox's.  Within minutes Karen had it sketched out for me and I'm in awe - it's exactly what I was envisioning.  Right there.  On paper.

Today, Karen shyly asked me if she could stay another day.  We're just having so much fun, plotting, planning, dreaming and talking.  About what else?  Fashion!


Credit where credit is due:  This is a painting by the lovely Janet Hill...Janet, I love your artwork and if you want me to take it down, I will!  (

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  1. Okay, let's try this again! I loved my time at your house, dear sister, and treasured my hours leafing through magazines, sipping tea, and talking over the future. Your house inspires me so much! Love, Karen