Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My true love gave to me...

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...a pair of chandelier earrings.  What I love about Myrna Loy in this picture is that everything she's wearing can be worn today.  The satin draped-neck camisole, the black skirt, the cardi, and those beautiful earrings.  It's such an elegant outfit for Christmas Eve at home and could be recreated by things you may already have in your closet if you look carefully.

Yesterday, I wore a very old black wool skirt to work - it was bought in 1989 and has suffered through many a let-out and take-in.  It's long and just grazes the top of my ankle.  I didn't think it very stylish anymore but I thought it may be warm.  Paired with my boots, it was indeed.  But I was surprised by the attention it garnered.  One co-worker said I looked like I was about to enter the stage to play the violin.  A friend told me I looked beautiful.  Somehow, my skirt felt just right, old though it is. 

As for chandelier earrings, they can be purchased at almost every fashion jewelry counter in almost every department store.  I'm sure Myrna's wearing the real thing but who's to say yours are not? 

Christmas is such a feminine holiday.  Afterall it is women who create its perfect synthesis of magic and reality.  Our connection to the Noel is not antiquated but ancient.  A woman's Christmas dreams and schemes are born of centuries of reveries and lore, including its original truth.

Find some finery in your closet and dust it off.  Buy some inexpensive bling for yourself.  I may not be your true love, but I will give you Twelve Days of Feminine Christmas, starting here with Myrna's earrings and my long ancient skirt. 


  1. I love it!! What a fun concept! And Myrna is always inspiring. Can't wait to see what's next!

  2. A lovely piece written by a lovely woman. I WILL be checking back nightly for the 12 days of Christmas. Can't wait for more! xoxo

  3. Lovely. Can't wait for the next piece.

  4. You continue to amaze. Love, love, love your writing.

  5. what a stunning photo of myrna loy. i love this series donna! you are such an amazing writer! xo

    1. You are so special Janet! Merry Christmas!