Monday, December 22, 2014

On the Eighth Day of a Feminine Christmas

This woman clearly has her act together.  It's Christmas Eve and she has time to sit on a cushion and play with her puppy.  I love her pink pants and ballet top.  And the bit of holly in her hair.  Her outfit says relaxed and chic festive night at home. 

I've taken a gimlet eye to my at-home wear this year.  It's so great in the summer when one can come home from work and throw on shorts and a t-shirt.  But winter wear is more challenging because I like to be warm and cozy too.  It's easy to throw on some old faded sweatpants and call it a day.  But I find when I do that, I'm less inclined to cook dinner and eat healthy and more inclined to order out.

So I bought some very nice velour pants in teal and in oatmeal.  They match any number of long sleeve shirts and sweaters I already have.  I'm not opposed to comfy slippers and wouldn't wear my ballet flats like the subject of today's picture unless I were having company.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen:  I grabbed my apron and not my phone.  I began cooking.  Something savory and satisfying.  And good for me.


  1. I am a HUGE proponent of "change your clothes, change your life" and this really speaks to that. Nice at-home wear signals something to our souls when we catch a peek at our pretty selves in the mirror. Thanks, Donna!

  2. i echo what kay said above. i think at home wear is almost more important than what we wear out in the world. i always change as soon as i get home into something soft and comfy and that alone relaxes me. i love soft slippers too. :)