Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On the Eleventh Day of a Feminine Christmas

I really want to read the three page special on Christmas Glamour highlighted on the cover of this vintage magazine.  Maybe it would help me find just the accessory to wear to my party tonight.  I know her headband with bling is easy to find these days.  She looks so pretty.

I was captivated with a similar image last Christmas - a beautiful blond wearing a teal green headband with crystals.  The band both contrasted and matched her just-as-lovely teal cashmere turtleneck.  Sometimes all it takes is one image to capture a certain look you know you must claim as yours.  But it often isn't the garment or the accessory, but the feel of the picture.  It says something that only we know about ourselves.

I found a greeting card in a shop long ago of a serene woman with her hair piled upon her head with a certain dishabille about it.  I was also entranced by her embroidered cloak and the delicate flower she held under her chin with a pale hand.  Believe me, she looks nothing like me but I felt a strong simpatico with her.  Perhaps, it was her softness, her femininity, the embellished coat.  When I took her to the framers I said "She is me inside".  The framer who looked a lot more like the lady on my card than I, jerked her head up and peered at my face in puzzlement.  Then a knowing smile crossed over her face and she said, "Ah...I see that!".  She did a beautiful job encapsulating the muse that will always grace the wall beside my nightstand, reminding me of who I really am.

Take a look at my two pictures below - you may see a thread running between the two.  Contemplative, serene femininity with a little bit of fantasy.  Now who are you?


  1. It's the romance, the femininity, the beauty and a touch of adoring being a girl, Donna, that makes you so special! Love that hairband (which looks a lot like a velvet ribbon pinned with some pretty bauble!) XO

  2. This whole series was like a wonderful gift, Donna. Thank you!