Tuesday, December 23, 2014

On the Ninth Day of a Feminine Christmas

I have never been able to wrap well.  It's the corners that do me in - I always have too much overhang.  My sister and mother's Christmas gifts are so gorgeous with little touches of silk holly, greenery and berries tucked into the ribbons.  Every package, a crime to unwrap.  Saturday morning, as I hurried into a local store, a man was trying to wrap a gift on the back of his pickup truck.  His hands were the size of baseball mitts, he was using double sided tape, and he kept leaning on the wrapping paper, tearing it.  He lifted his arms in frustration.

First I asked him if I could help.  He too, had too much overhang and as I trimmed the excess he told me the present was for a sick friend he was on his way to see.  He was so grateful that I was able to hand a somewhat neat package back to him in just a few minutes.  We worked extremely well together too, for being strangers - I put some tape on the back of his hand while I pulled the paper closer then I whisked it off him and closed the ends of the wrapping as best I could.  He was so appreciative as he smiled and nodded his thanks.  I didn't think much about the incident until I sat down just now to write this post.  The lovely shopkeeper in the picture for this post is ready and at your service to help anyway she can.  I bet she does corners really well.


  1. oh my what a sweet little story. i can just picture you two out there. well done donna! xo

  2. I absolutely love that you stepped up and helped him get the gift wrapped. (While I do OK, my gift wrapping also often leaves something to be desired.)

  3. Loved your turn as Santa's helper, Donna! that's the spirit!