Monday, December 29, 2014

On the Twelfth Day of a Feminine Christmas

I have a love/hate relationship with New Year's Eve.  In New England the weather is almost always seasonably frigid and it just seems cozier to stay tucked indoors.  But tradition calls for a convivial and festive party like our "cover girl" is enjoying.  In her hands is a statuette of Father Time carrying a scythe which implies the death of the old year.
It's actually this passage of time which keeps me betwixt and between staying in or going out on the year's last night.  Whether New Year's is a cliché or a holiday steeped in the mystical,  I think everyone should have the chance to "do" New Year's Eve, at least a few times, with a big glamorous and raucous party.  There's nothing more fun than bewitching finery and a boisterous crowd to send your cares a-packing until after midnight's countdown.  But the draw to stay close to the hearth has been far more compelling these last few years.  I often have many new gifted books to read, plenty of left-overs, and not to mention - the weather outside is so frightful. 
Mom says "New Year's Eve is for amateurs."  But I think she is talking about those who party too much or those who party infrequently and thus, overdo it on this one night.  I think Mom is at an age and stage where she can do whatever she pleases and these days, she's happy to watch the revelers on her television set rather than have a drink with them.
For me this year, I think I will follow Jane Austen's logic, a women who also knew a thing or two about joyous partying:  "Ah!  For real comfort, there is nothing like staying at home".  Ah! indeed. 
This concludes my Twelve Days of a Feminine Christmas and although it was not on the true calendar, I hope you enjoyed it. 


  1. hello donna. i have thoroughly enjoyed this series. it has actually been my tiny bit of respite from the hustle and bustle. i long for the old days too. i had a boss similar to yours (he was a man though) and he was so handsome, demanding but at the end of the day so kind.

    this year we are going to a v special dinner party at a beautiful restaurant that is situated in an old resort that was built in the 1920s. movie stars, writers and the likes of einstein used to frequent it. it has been slowly renovated over the last few years and at the moment is still a hidden secret.

    thank you for all your lovely posts this year. you are a true talent! xoxo

  2. I am for certain a lurker at heart, but I did want to tell you how much I have enjoyed this series. Indeed, I have enjoyed your blog all year! Thank you for posting such loveliness for us all to enjoy.

  3. I'm with you, Donna, I don't go out on NYE unless I have to do a presentation at my local cinema. Then, I've got loads of company and a festive dress...but coming home to my little fireplace and settling in with soft lights, easy music, and a hot cup of tea...that's starting the New Year right by me!

  4. I have really enjoyed this series thanks to Janet from the gardener's cottage. Love your stories and the picture. ;-)

  5. I found your blog though Janet's and am so thankful that she directed us here! Your twelve days series was lovely!

  6. Just came across your delightful blog. What a wonderful way to begin the New Year.

    Since I missed this set of posts, I will have to go back and enjoy them, now.

    Wishing you Health and Happiness in 2015,

  7. Thankyou for posting these. I have enjoyed reading them all. Happy New Year.