Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daisy Chain

My passion for daisies knows no bounds and I'm spotting the free-spirited perennial on nearly everything around me.  Yesterday I found a vintage silk scarf by famed scarf designer, Vera, peeking out from a basket of books at the junk shop near work.  It's so perfectly beguiling that I can't decide if it should be worn or framed.

Long the maligned filler in grocery store bouquets, the daisy seems to be bobbing its cheerful little head all over the place.  Or am I just imagining now that I'm a convert?  Pinterest has scads and scads of images of 1960's fashion when the daisy adorned everything from plastic ice buckets to Twiggy's headscarf above to rubberized swim caps.  I love seeing them on dresses and recall that a favorite of mine was encircled prettily at the empire waist with grass-green and white daisy rickrack straight from my grandmother's sewing basket. 

I noted that Carolina Herrera had daisies thriving on some of the most gorgeous dresses from her resort collection this past year.  Her flowers are dainty and ladylike with a charming déjà-new nod to the past.  And each with a center of golden sun.

For me, I know it is the retro element that's so appealing. That, and the end of a long cruel winter where I long for the embracing arms of warm sun.  I resisted the daisy juice glasses I found on eBay last week but the Vera scarf was spring's siren call.  And whether it elevates my ancient navy trench  or graces the empty wall above my bed, has yet to be determined...

"Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" ~ Kathleen Kelly, You've Got Mail

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