Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring's Blithe Spirit

Pussy willows are such a welcome harbinger of spring.  Soft as kittens' ears but built on sturdy stalks, they are the essence of the season's changeableness.  They used to be plentiful when I was a girl but now I only see them in the shops.  My mother loved when we brought them home in our arms as this young lass is doing.  I remember them in tall vases on the hi-fi console and beside one of the two fireplaces.  They still remind me her because she exclaimed over them so.

Each season seems to have its rituals and one of mine is clearing out my closet or "turning" it, as in putting my winter sweaters and boots to bed and replacing them with my lighter wardrobe.  This year I can't gauge the right time for the task - it's still cold yet I'm aching to wear my favorite spring things:  an ivory waffle-piqué coat with a butter yellow lining and pink piping, a deep coral cotton sweater, and a graphic cool taupe skirt with jaunty dots of gold and rose.  I've never been adept at transition dressing so the simple strategy that works for me is to wear some woolen things in sunny-side- up colors for both warmth and cheer.  But research for my weekly style column finds me pouring over pretty images of clothes with a carefree blithe spirit that includes floaty blouses with blouson sleeves and romantic cuffs with buttons, and winsome dresses in sherbet colors.  There is a fanciful weightlessness to fashion this spring, as if we are to be extra kissed for our extra winter.

Our model is lovely in her grey striped suit and feminine bow blouse.  She is ready for spring's hide and seek as noted by the pale blue gloves on her hands.  But the real foretell of the season rests in her arms - delicate yet hardy masses of spring's blithe spirit.  And in my mother's joyful noise.


  1. Growing up we had a pussy willow in the backyard and my mom would often bring cuttings in when they "bloomed". Thanks for bringing back such a lovely memory for me.

  2. What a wonderful blog. Its so cheery. Pussy Willows r so pretty but you're right you don't see them much anymore. I wonder why? Because of you I want some fresh pussy willows in a vase. :-)