Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the Fifth Day of a Feminine Christmas

This is clearly an ad for a blanket.  But I love the cheery disarray of the bedroom, especially the wrappings and ribbons scattered about.  And how will she ever not step on that sweet little tea cup and saucer?  I really love her luxurious sweeping robe too.

I always put some thought into my nightclothes for Christmas.  My mother taught me to do that because so many pictures are taken on Christmas morning while opening gifts.  That's not the case in my house now...and I wouldn't allow it anyway.  But still, I like having new pajamas at Christmas and since a brand new son-in-law will be here, I feel I can't just wear any old thing.

For winter, there is nothing so cozy as a proper robe but I usually wear a long cashmere cardigan over my pajamas.  I love the feel against my shoulders and since I wear spaghetti-strapped pajama tops for comfortable cool sleeping, I need the warmth of a cozy sweater in the morning.  I noticed that a lot of designers, including Eileen Fisher, offer cashmere alternatives to robes and they make great cover-ups when the house is cold.  But mostly, I choose my nightwear just for me and it is still an important holiday consideration of mine.  Call me old-fashioned.

My grandmother gave me a flannel nightgown every year at Christmas.  I still remember some them:  red tartan, printed gold abstracts on a feminine bodice...and I remember one beautiful flannel nightie I bought for myself.  It was creamy white with a wide yoke filled with embroidered flowers.  I remember what it cost too:  $35 and that was a large sum for a new working girl.  That gown is immortalized in my head because of some pictures I have of me wearing it on Christmas morning that year.

Those were the days when nightclothes still mattered.  Lingerie departments were filled with luxe choices and saleswomen actually knew the merchandise and helped out.  Sleepwear and lingerie was a serious business.  Now the largest lingerie store is the local Victoria Secret which always looks to me like an adolescent boy is on the design staff.  I do most of my lingerie shopping online.  I know what I like and I know where to find it.

This year, I have selected a very pretty set of rose-colored flannel pants and matching sleeveless top.  The print is charming with birds and pinecones on branches which contrasts beautifully with the soft color and lace neck trim.  It didn't cost alot because I knew where to look and the exact moment to pounce.  I'll wear my new set with a white crocheted cashmere sweater and pink wool slippers.  I like to match on Christmas.  My grandmother would be proud.

I keep my "robes" across the end of my bed at night.  Someone told me I do that because I'm a lady and although it was a sweet compliment, it's just an old habit.  It's done in almost every vintage film I've ever seen.  I don't think I would take the time to put on robe and slippers if my house were on fire but I find it comforting to have these things close by.

PS:  if you have any Christmas lingerie wishes, I would love to hear about them.


  1. Oh, how I love this post!!! And that image! Totally stealing that! How WILL she keep from tromping on that teacup??? My Christmas lingerie wish is that I'll actually finish the lovely cloud gray flannel nightie I cut out last winter, with the matching pewter-gray velveteen dressing gown. At 5'9" (and most of that leg), I'm simply too long for even the "tall" size robes--they only brush my ankles at bobby-sock height! And who needs chilly ankles??? So, that's my wish. To be that woman who leaps out of bed, grabs the velvety robe at the foot of the bed (I love those movies, too...even in emergencies, our heroine snags her tailored or sweeping robe and shrugs it hurriedly on as she runs to save the day..)and I'll be on to star in my own little morning dramas or comedies. Very lovely post, Donna, I LOVED IT!!! XO

  2. This is a very lovely post! Lingerie these days seems to consist of an exposed thong and a tramp stamp. I can remember going into the department stores and the bras were nestled in boxes and the very helpful saleslady would lift them out for your perusal. The lingerie department even smelled feminine and lovely. Victoria's thank you! Enjoy your holiday with your family! You will be lovely Christmas morning!

  3. Dear Donna,
    I've found you through Fiona's How to be Chic, and so happy to discover the beauty here. Very much enjoyed this little piece.
    Warm Regards,

  4. Thank you so much Nancy, Donna and Kay! Thank you so much for reading. It means a lot!