Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Musings

Charity begins at home...and so does kindness.  When I need to make changes in myself, mostly in regards to fitness and well-being, I am far more successful when the changes become a source of pleasure and not torture.  And it begins with being gentle and kind especially when my inner critic is threatening to chastise me.

I reflected recently that any major changes I have made in my life I accomplished on my own.  I didn't rely on any program, facility, or guru...I charted my own course and stuck to it.  And in each case, I had success.  But the precipitating factor was always an abrupt unveiling of Reality which resulted in a quick departure from Denial and that is what fueled my return to well-being.

A friend asked me today how we can begin a health and beauty regimen without a future event, such as a wedding or trip, as a goal.  I wondered how I would do it without any particular motivation.  I decided it begins with kindness and a commitment to ourselves.

For me, I need to get my sleep issues under control again.  Without a good night's sleep, I eat the wrong things and I am too lethargic for exercise.  And no matter what promises I make to myself, the moment I fall short, negative self-talk kicks in and I am once again on the fast track to failure.

Winter is a perfect time for change.  The new year brings a fresh start along with the new pretty calendars.  But we have to give ourselves a chance to ramp up to the new scheme.  Kindness means understanding that our path may lead us two steps forward and one step back and that the real challenge is silencing the malevolent voice within.

I plan on being kinder to myself in my approach to beauty and fitness.  Instead of punishing exercise, I have gone back to yoga.  Instead of sleep aids, I am back to drinking frothy warm milk before bed.  I know I can eat and enjoy salad for lunch and give up afternoon caffeine.  If I need to indulge, I will...but then I will get back on track.  All that matters is trying because trying turns into doing.  And doing it with my head held high will get me there a lot faster.


Inconsequential Miscellany:

~I felt quite sad at the passing of Alan Rickman, one of my favorite actors.  I especially loved him as Col. Brandon in Sense and Sensibility where his brown eyes held a vulnerability that belied his vigorous regimented past.  And I am gladder than ever that he had the chance to get his girl at last. I never tire of watching him pace in his tall boots as he frets over his beloved Marianne.

~Storyline not withstanding, the clothes in this season's Downton Abbey have been exquisite.  I especially admire Mary's various dressing gowns - one in a perfect Asian print of Wedgwood blue. As well, we were treated to an amazing glimpse of Mary's skivvies as she undressed with lady's maid Anna's help.  As her dress dropped to the floor (for poor Anna to retrieve), her luscious bralett and panties were front and center in creamy lace.  A friend pondered if the internet mighten be lit up with searches for the brand.

~I recently wrote an article about upgrading one's at-home loungewear for the cold stormy days ahead.  Our model above is wearing a long cozy cashmere robe as she begins her New Year's beauty regime.  Here, I leave you with other choices to inspire (most impractical...all lovely):


  1. It is so true that being sleep deprived leads to bad food choices. Some days I had 6 very strong teas a day plus coffee. I, too, was sad about the death of Alan Rickman. He played the role of Col. Brandon so well and with intelligence.
    thanks for writing your blog as I do enjoy reading it.

  2. Hi, Donna, I left a stunningly beautiful response comment to this post last night, but the internet has swallowed it up. The song that went thru my head as I read this lovely post was "Try a Little Tenderness!" The world works hard to make us feel guilty, lacking and lazy...what a concept, to treat ourselves as if we loved ourselves and cherished our spirits and bodies! I love this! Thanks for sharing! XO

  3. I need to do something about my lounge wear underpinings. They are in rather sad shape. I find it hard to wear filmy, lacey things in the evening when its so cold.
    I too was saddened by the passing of Alan Rickman. Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorite movies. The scene where he is carrying Marianne in from the rain...

  4. Your reminders about being kind to ourselves have been running through my mind all week. It has been a sad one, with the loss of an elderly and much beloved kitty. I agree with you about both Alan Rickman and the Downton Abbey wardrobe. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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