Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Warmth of Winter Perfumes

Winter is a heady time for the senses:  frosty cold, pristinely white landscapes, soft cashmere, the glow of firelight, comforting soups, and rich warming perfumes.  Choosing fragrances with opulent spicy undertones mirrors our cravings for soothing restoration during nature's most savage season.

Here in the Northeast, we are having a spate of ice, snow, and ultra-cold temperatures.  The stress of commuting and constant treacherous walking and shoveling, has me turning to my favorite just-for-winter scents which enrap me in cheer and comfort.  Burrowing into my scarf on my way to work and inhaling a warm ambrosial scent puts a heartening lilt into my winter day even knowing that I will have more snow to contend with before my evening commute home.

Don't be charmed by the fresh spring scents that are popping up in department stores now.  I promise there will be time enough to choose those breezy scent sisters when the light returns in earnest again.  For now, reach for deep and evocative forest-like perfumes with calming accords. If you live in the Northeast, you're going to need it.

Here are my favorite winter perfumes, all mysterious and all with the potential to make others want to nuzzle.

Chanel 5
Prada Candy
Tuberose Gardenia (technically a floral, but with a powerful richness that clings to coat linings, sweaters, and scarves)

What winter perfumes are warming you?


  1. I've been reading your blog for quite a while but have never commented. Perfumes used to be one of my favourite pleasures, so I can't keep leaving a comment on this post. My winter favourites would be
    Lolita Lempicka Premier Parfume that is not only wonderful vanilla winter fragrance but also have one of the most beautiful parfume bottles in the world
    Donna Caran Black Cashmere
    Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon, now discontinued I believe.
    Just several names that immediately came to my mind.

  2. You know me, Donna, summer, winter, spring and fall, I only ever wear Chanel No 5! But I LOVED this post! And that image! Perfection!

  3. Shalimar is my favorite .... also Tabu, an oldie but goodie! Love your writing. Lisa

  4. Hi Donna, I tend to wear Fig by Marc Jacob and Angel by Thierry Mugler. Nice winter fragrances for me.

  5. I like L'Aimant a lot. I was able to find some in the little black bottle, which is a semi-liquid cream, and I use that as a base for the cologne spray. Had to hunt it down in a very old-fashioned type of chemist in Bath, England!

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