Monday, May 16, 2016

My Tiffany's

Holly Golightly said that nothing very bad can happen to a person at Tiffany's.  I second that.  The real world slips away and we are lost in fantasy and beauty and like Holly, we feel safe.

I'm not talking about physical safety because sadly, that's never a guarantee anymore.  I'm talking about emotional safety.  A congenial spot of happily-ever-after.  At least while you are there.

For me, that place is sweet and wholesome Country Curtains.  I adore the faux windows with swags of dotted swiss, lace, or linen.  There's nothing prettier than the imitation landscapes just beyond each one -pastoral scenes with sloping hills and light.  The calming colors charm me with possibilities.  The porcelain lamps with pristine shades and flirty finials inspire me with their graceful lines - all warmly lit to welcome me. Bright yet tasteful cushions on fabricated beds invite me to fall into them.  So soft, so enticing...

The ladies at Country Curtains are efficient and kind.  They believe in me -  in my ability to hang a pocket curtain rod as well as my dreamy vision.  If I want an orange print pillow for the rocking chair in my blue living room, they are completely onboard as they run around the shop fetching fabrics to drape together, showing me how perfect my fantasy is.  The deep blue sky is the limit as far as they are concerned.  They even remember me, no matter how long I've been away and ask how I made out with the lace panels I bought two years ago and do I still love my floral shower curtain?  If I want the valance to match, the ladies know just where to put their hands on it.  

Everything at Country Curtains is built to last.  The springy hooked rugs scattered on the handsome hardwoods look like they were hidden in Grandma's attic yet are as fresh as yesterday.  Tiny silver salt and pepper shakers shaped like mini-artichokes look both new and vintage.  There is an air of craftsmanship and timelessness that satisfies, even if I am only "window shopping".

In a world where vulgarity rules the day, I can always slip into Country Curtains for a touch of lang syne.  The quality of the merchandise and the friendly and kindly staff make me feel that anything is possible again.  Like Holly, I find my tea and sympathy.  My own Tiffany's...where nothing bad can happen.

What is your Tiffany's?



  1. I love Country Curtains, though I only know them through their catalogs. Those always make me wish I had many more windows to dress than I do! In fact, I have a box of Country Curtains from my last home tucked away in hopes that I will someday have a place where I can use them again.

  2. My Tiffany's is the Palm Court at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. Since the 1980s I've gone to afternoon tea and champagne cocktails in the evening, along with jazz. It envelops me in security. My then-fiance and I went the evening of 9/11 because we felt nothing could go wrong in the Palm Court.

    p.s. thanks for the Country Curtains idea - I found the perfect chair cushion for my desk - just charming.

  3. My Tiffany's is the actual Tiffany's in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue. And I do feel physically safe in there with so many security guards around! It's so nice to see so many beautiful things from an American jeweler and to have that connection to not only New York City history but to one terrific movie. Great post btw! x

  4. Well, Donna, you *know* my Tiffany''s yours as well. The primary sensation for me is that they treasure the beauty of a home as much as I do...what's important to them is, grace, a sense of coziness and respect for tradition. There's nothing "edgy" about Country Curtains--they ride out the fads, only taking hold of such trends as updated color combinations and maybe some new patterns (like tile mosaics that are wildly popular right now). I love that place and have outfitted a good part of my renewed home from their placid, pretty, lovely confines. My Tiffany's!

  5. I love the real Tiffany's too Jill! My engagement ring had a Tiffany setting which made it look like it was floating in space. Amy, enjoy your chair cushion! Seablue: I completely agree, they make me wish I had more windows too!. Love the way you describe CC Kay!

  6. I love to visit Calico Corners whenever I go to WA. There's something about being surrounded by all the wonderful fabrics - dreaming of what I'd do with them - sometimes bringing something home for a cushion cover or a slipcover. I love it!

  7. I like Country Curtains, too. I was so sad when the store near me closed. My cozy place is my recliner with my cat on my lap and my husband and other kitties nearby on the love seat. That is true contentment. If we do need to say a place outside of our homes, then there are some antique malls that I really love to spend time at, browsing and imagining where all of the items came from, and where they might end up again.

  8. I couldn't stand it. I just had to let the folks at Country Curtains know about this post. Using their Contact Us page, I sent the following message.
    This isn't a "Concern"---more a comment.
    There's a lovely lady in Blogland who has written an unsolicited love letter to Country Curtains. You really need to read it. Titled "My Tiffany's, it's adorable and so is she, Donna MacDonald.

  9. ...and they contacted me dear Gail, my biggest fan that you are! xo

  10. I have never heard of Country Curtains, so I'm off to google them.
    My Tiffany's is my own front porch. The view of the rolling hills and farmland takes my breath away, and brings me such happiness in the pure and peaceful beauty of nature.