Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Style Note - Head Scarves

A pretty way to add summer elan to an outfit, is to don a head scarf.  For Saturday errands, I will often wear a tropical-colored head scarf to add pizzazz to an otherwise plain pair of khaki shorts and solid t-shirt. On humid days, the scarf keeps wispy hair out of my lip gloss and lends a polished look to cool casual clothes. Knowing my hair is tied down makes me feel less sticky and hot and scarves keep that frightful fried and frizzy, too-long-at-the-beach look at bay.

Trailing scarf ends picked up by soft summer breezes look so feminine especially if your head scarf is in an appealing pastel print in chiffon.  If hair is too short or the scarves too slippery, try one with an attached hidden headband.  Tuck the ends under before you whip them off to one side to tie in a floppy bow.  Some of the newer head scarves can be found in good accessories departments where you will see them with pieces of elastic to hold them down or pre-bowed for ease in slipping on.

Here's more inspiration for this quintessential summer look:


  1. I notice you are wearing a scarf in your profile photo. It's a lovely way to add color to an outfit as well as being practical. I pinned this post to my A Lovely Inconsequence board.

  2. Donna, I have never succeeded at wearing headscarves, but I admire the heck out of those who can! Bandanas are about as close as I come. I do LOVE the look. They are very uncommon here in western NY! Lovely, fun post.