Saturday, December 3, 2016

On the First Day of a Feminine Christmas

No matter how far away you roam...there's no place like home for the holidays ~ Perry Como


I love the moody darkness of this illustration.  And this was me tonight as I tried to find a spot to anchor my wreath in the cold dusky twilight.  I debated whether or not to put a small nail hole in my new front door.  I waited a long time for this door and painstakingly chose its color - Velvet Rope - a deep Delphinium-blue that even the painters got excited about.  In the end, I nailed it under the lantern and left the door pristine and perfect.

There really is no place like home for the holidays and more and more I am reading about "hygge", the Danish phrase that represents the notion of living with profound contentment.  Many of the concepts of hygge are things I am already quite familiar with and have written about on this blog.  

But I will take it a step further and say that being at home for Christmas is particularly rewarding and full of hygge opportunities for women.  As we set the Christmas stage for loved ones, it's important to remember the Dane's approach to wellness and deep comfort.  I am certain the lady of the house in our illustration has a warm bath, cozy slippers and an absorbing book waiting for her - just as soon as the last pretty ornament is hung on her tree.  


  1. I'm going to get out my own Christmas decorations today, and I will remember this post as I do so. I love the way you write about things as the way they could be - and the way I wish they were. Perhaps I can make it so, at least for today, at least in my own tiny corner of the world.

  2. So happy this series is back! Love the "warm bath, cozy slippers and an absorbing book" inspiration!

  3. Love this series...and love the notion of hygge...

  4. Your door--and your post--are just like you, replete with feminine beauty and that sparkle of delight! I love the idea of your blue door and the warmth of that first moment of welcoming Christmas into your house and home. Wonderful and so happy that you've kicked off your series again this year! Hooray!

  5. Do you think she will MISS the curtains?They would make GREAT PILLOWS!!!!!!Now, you must show us the FRONT DOOR!!!!!!!
    Yes, we work like CRAZY but we also know how to be comfortable.............I think A LOT of it has to do with TAKING CARE OF ONES SELF.Which is hard to do day in and day out.XX

  6. Hi Donna, I too love this illustration. Your description at the end was just perfect. I would love to see your tree when it's ready! 😉