Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On the Fourth Day of a Feminine Christmas

This young wife is buying the traditional male gift of a handsome tie.  There is just something about a man in a suit and tie especially if he knows how to stand and comport himself.  But it's becoming a rare thing to see a man dressed up these days and so a beautiful silk tie is not the easy choice for Christmas that it used to be.

I once read some interesting advice about buying for the men in one's life - go simple but go volume.  In other words, if you buy socks, buy lots of them.  Ditto beef jerky.

It was easy to buy for my brother until recently.  As a mail carrier he was always in need of high-tech neck warmers, ear muffs, and band-aids for his work-worn fingers.  Lots and lots of band-aids.  Now he has been promoted to a desk job but alas, ties are still not part of his wardrobe.  My brother-in-law (the beef jerky connoisseur) is eating healthy these days and is loving tea.  That's a gift I know something about.

As women we might ask the age-old question in reverse, "What do men really want?"  I'm pretty sure they want the same thing we do:  small thoughtful gifts that show we care.


  1. I used to love to buy my dad ties!! And boxes of hankies, too. Since the advent of eternal casual Fridays, ties are a rarity, but I'm thankful I work with men so dapper, that the bow tie us not unknown amongst them!! Men in ties---so handsome! Thanks for this reminder of former shopping habits!! Love this wifies' mink, wonder she loves him! :-)

  2. Men are difficult to buy for at any time, birthday or Christmas. My son-in-law simplified this by posting a list of things from inexpensive to more ambitious. He doesn't wear ties (alas) but he will be receiving a gift card from Ralph Lauren. Beautiful ties seem to be almost a thing of the past. Ooh, bow you're talkin'!

  3. MY husband has TWO BOXES of ties under our bed!Some belonged to his FATHER........almost ALL are GUCCI!
    AS they both worked for the company!
    TOOLS are a good GIFT as well...........for THE MEN that FIX THINGS!MY sons like shoes........and anything from REI!
    CAT on LAP and time for MORE TEA!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Donna, love this blog. I always try to buy something I know my husband will enjoy such as food or books. Thoughtfulness is the best bet.