Sunday, December 11, 2016

On the Third Day of a Feminine Christmas

The fur on my hooded jacket softly tickled my neck on a long and dark drive home from work last week.  I found it oddly comforting as I hadn't worn a hat that day and the temperatures had dropped to bone-chilling levels while I toiled all day at my computer.  I thought of Dr. Zhivago's wife Tonya in her white hooded fur coat as she rode with her beloved Yuri to their ice house in the Russian forest.

Last year I bought myself a simple wool jacket in a deep plum hue.  But it's the tone-on-tone fur trim I love so much.  It makes me feel both glamorous and romantic.  It's a little bit of chic after work or after a long session of shopping and wearing the hood as I dash into a store, makes me regret not having a hat a lot less.

Fur-trimmed coats are such dreamily quixotic garments - they evoke the allure and grandeur of Gilded Age ladies as they stepped from carriages onto glacial city streets and Victorian ladies who rode in horse-drawn sleighs and traversed over the river and through the woods to visit neighbors and friends on Christmas Day.

So many of today's down coats now feature fur-trim not only because it's chic but it also gives extra protection from wind and cold.  It's especially festive to wear fur-embellished coats, jackets, and capes during the holiday season.  Is there a more perfect time of year for a bit of romance and fantasy?


  1. Yes!! My deep teal wool car coat has a generous hood that makes me feel like a Russian princess in a horse drawn sleigh even when I'm just jaunting up to the store to get Raisin Bran! Thanks for this post!! It's inspiring and lovely! XO

  2. My favorite black wrap coat has a huge dramatic collar that can converts to a hood when needed. I love this coat as it is so helpful to pull up a hood as needed. Feels a bit mysterious and glamorous too! I am enjoying your feminine Christmas series.

  3. ALWAYS A TOUCH of FUR this time of YEAR!