Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lyrical March

I came home yesterday with 4 petite rose-colored calla lilies and some long stalks of irises.  They look so pretty in my etched crystal pitcher.  I want to think that they are harbingers of spring but our local weather source states we could have up to 50 inches of snow by the time this month is over.  March is funny that way.

So instead of going outside to collect the strange twig formations stuck in my soggy lawn, I am comforting myself with poetic March things.  Aside from enjoying spring flowers, here are some of them:

~Re-watching Masterpiece Theater's Victoria on my laptop in bed while knitting a spring sweater.

~Cooking with French mustards - chicken, vegetables, vinaigrette' many delicious varieties and recipes to try.

~Dipping in and out of a Maeve Binchy book of short stories.  Just one or two...whenever I get a few minutes to reset my brain and connect me with tales of other women's lives.

~Enjoying my tea with honey "spoons" - they add just the right amount of sweetness.

~Listening to background music especially youtube clips of one of my favorite songs, "Once Upon A Time"...a sweet song of love and loss with beautiful orchestral strings that stir the heart.  (Kevin Spacey and Perry Como have the bestest renditions).

The landscape may become restless again but I will already be tucked inside enjoying slow and lyrical March.


  1. Hi Nancy, I only recently found your blog, and I must say that your writing style is beautiful! Or, stealing a word from your latest post, lyrical; intelligent and calming (or maybe soothing is a better word?) Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your new posts always bring a smile. Thank you.

  2. Nancy, I, too, recently found your blog, and read all of your posts. Such beautiful thoughts! I graduated in 1975, love all of the memories/clothes/etc.
    I love Grace Livingston Hill, with her descriptions of home, women taking charge, and clothing.
    I miss much, including my great grandparents- named MacDonald. I love peace, tea, reading back issues of Victoria. I, too, can share your sorrow over workers who didn't play nice and got rewarded for it. Sometimes I think that my core values are going extinct.
    Thanks so much for your beautiful blog!

    1. Thank you Megs! We must be sisters of the heart! You are very kind. Please keep visiting here.

  3. Love your March post! I am also reading Maeve Binchy short stories- perfect for when I have a few minutes and want to indulge in a sweet glimpse into the lives' of others. In addition; just started watching Victoria and find it so delightful. Your blog resonates with me in so many wonderful ways and I always look forward to a new post.

  4. Your posts are always a great delight. You bring importance to the small details.

  5. On this grey and cold Vancouver Island March afternoon your post was like a 2 minute holiday.

  6. On this grey and cold Vancouver Island March afternoon your post was like a 2 minute holiday.

  7. Oh how I love reading your is like a letter from a friend! I find myself agreeing with you on everything you say, do you think we are two of the many kindred spirits out there?
    I too graduated from high school in the mid seventies, maybe that accounts for the similar likes of us followers!
    I recently finished season one of Victoria, and I am anxiously awaiting for season, I always have my favorite cup of tea while watching it, or reading any one of my favorite authors!!
    Thank-you for writing these lovely letters(posts) for all of your friends ~

    1. to my ears. That's what you are!

  8. Sounds like you can BEAT the WINTER BLUES!