Sunday, June 18, 2017

On Towels...

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers...~William Wordsworth

A friend came to visit last weekend and loved my blue beach towels.  They are now downstairs, washed and boxed and ready to mail to her doorstep.  I wish it had occurred to me to send them off with her on the day we said goodbye.  Still, I am pleased she will have them soon to cheer her as she wraps herself in one after her morning shower - she loved them so much.

My grandmother thought towels were a big deal.  She talked of Turkish towels and the January White Sales often and I think it was a source of pride for her to have a modest stack of quality towels on hand for loved ones.  My mother also waxed poetic about them but sadly, in our house, towels were often used and abused and left as wet tattered rags on the bathroom floor.  I'm pretty sure she gave up her dream of a neat and tidy linen closet with four active children.  Stacks of colorful fluffy towels would only have served to regularly break her heart.

Nice towels in a good price range are hard to find these days.  There are plenty in rich and famous linen boutiques for those who can manage the price tags that are as lofty as the towels themselves. For me, I scour Home Goods for occasional bounty.  I also suggest department stores when they have their seasonal bedding sales.  A plush affordable towel is a very fine thing.

When I philosophize about them, towels are often overlooked but are one of life's little luxuries.  Thick thirsty towels that are soft and at the ready makes one feel that life is abundant, normal - they are oddly reassuring.  An entire blog post about them does seems a bit silly but the latest world events have hit me hard and I, like many others are groping for the little things that seem unimportant but really do matter.  Like towels, favorite books, iced tea in a clinking tumbler with fresh lemon.  And boxing up a bit of comfort for a good friend.


  1. Don't you wish you could be a mouse in the corner when she opens the package?
    I wonder if it's timing will be when she's needing a lift too?

    1. I am timing it to arrive on the day she returns from vacation Gail!

  2. Those towels are so beautiful...even the color is soft on the eyes!

  3. Lovely post. I didn't think it was silly at all!

    Thanks, Paula

  4. I cannot wait to arrive home and open that box, Donna!! And I will under be needing that touching reminder of our fun visit together! Thank you, so much! What you didn't mention, Donna, is that your linen closet is a preview of heaven! Fine quality towels, neatly stacked, beautifully color coordinated! It was such a joy to take a shower in your bathroom and know that that beautifully arranged, softly scented, immaculately kept stack of towels was waiting for me! It reminds me of my heavenly father's provision for me... Everything I need, provided in a generous, beautiful fashion! Blessings, my dear!