Sunday, December 24, 2017

On the Eleventh Day of a Feminine Christmas

These two women are clearly from the Homefront.  That is a place that endlessly intrigues me, especially during Christmastime.

There were just four Christmases during WWII and the specialness of the holiday was surely enhanced by the abundance of patriotism that flooded the country.  I quiz my mother often about what life was like during those years and she tells me that Christmases were very special and poignant, with  nearly every family having fathers, sons, uncles, and nephews overseas in battle.

Some of my favorite Christmas movies were created during the war.  Since You Went Away, an epic film of Anne Hilton's life on the homefront raising her two daughters alone, is one I especially love.  This film corroborates my mother's stories of how women on the Homefront did not shirk in their creation of lovely Christmases for those left at home, even with the complications of rationing.  Without her beloved "Tim", Anne invites an endearing motley crue into her pretty home on Christmas Eve and hears from "Tim" yet, as the gong strikes.

Christmas during the war was gentler despite the war.  Courtesy and respect was in abundance even if money wasn't.  Kindness and generosity too.  Anne's grocer Mr. Mahoney, delivers everything on tab.  Where can we do that today?

A coworker once told me that although she thought my blog was beautiful, she didn't understand it.  I didn't mind.  A Lovely Inconsequence is not for everyone.  But for some, I seem to strike a chord.  Maybe it's because like the women left behind on the Homefront, we still care about keeping some things sacred.  Not that my former coworker wasn't a wonderful, kind person who didn't love Christmas, but admittedly, I have an overactive beauty gene.  Some of you might as well.

One more post this month...


  1. Whether we find it fantasy or real, you bring us a gentle beauty....something desperately needed these days. Thank you, Donna, and Merry Christmas.

  2. I "understand" your blog perfectly and look forward to each one. There is definitely a gentleness missing these days. I am glad there is a place such as your blog where I can find it. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Happy Christmas! Your blog is always a treat. Lisa

  4. Merry Christmas Donna! Thank you so much for this series, and for your wonderful blog. Hope your day is just perfect.

  5. Serenity, beauty, joy, hope, and love--your blog abounds with these and that's why those of us who understand it, love it so! Merry Christmas, dear Domna!! XO

  6. Merry Christmas! I think I recognize that photo from a blog that used to be called Diary of A Vintage Girl, by a woman called Fleur. It's a lovely photo vignette, and really complements your thoughts.


  7. I love reading your blogs but hadn't really thought about why. But now that the obvious has been pointed out, it is the beauty, nostalgia and peacefulness of the posts.