Wednesday, December 13, 2017

On the Fifth Day of a Feminine Christmas

Isn't she lovely...Isn't she pretty?  Truly the angel's best. ~Stevie Wonder

She is indeed, lovely in her silk taffeta dress the color of a child's Valentine's Day lollipop.  The simple chignon, the sweeping skirt with pockets (there they are again) create a lovely inconsequence even though her dress is formal.  It reminds me that it really doesn't have to hurt to be dressed up, does it?

Admittedly a dinosaur, I prefer people to be festive in appearance on Christmas.  I believe in comfort - I really do and it's the reason why I always bring my slippers to my sister's house on Christmas Day.  It's no fun doing the dishes in heels - although many a homemaker of yore did just that.  Still, a bit of sparkle and glow is called for on a holiday that represents so many things to the world and is our very greatest of family celebrations. If it were not so, would there be so many blingy garments for sale or so many "ugly" Christmas sweaters which are really just attempts to make a caricature out of the too-precious themed sweaters that your mother may have tried to get you to wear once.  I don't care - I love it all.  Christmas gives us permission to be outre, out-there, flashy....or just lovely, if that's your aim.

So will you be lovely this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  And what will you wear?


  1. I'm planning on bringing that exact spirit to the nursing home where I'll be leading an Advent Bible study on Christmas Eve...a bit of magical sparkle to remind these dear souls that the Light of the World came to earth...what could be more appropriate?? I have a pretty hot pink and burgundy Pucci-style sweater that is an abstract of JOY in every colorful inch. This is the season where it makes its appearance! JOY to the world--if you're happy and you know it, wear some SPARKLE!

  2. Long skirts are my weakness, and for festive wintertime I have 3 (black, golden, plaid). I wear a simple solid colored top with them (black, red, golden, mossy green). As an ordinary woman I look forward of any occasion to wear them Christmas included.

    Thank you for your Feminine Christmas series!

    1. My pleasure Miriam. I love Christmas! I love your Christmas they really shine!

  3. What a gorgeous dress...and pockets too! A dress like that would put everyone in a festive mood.

  4. I have a cherry red sheath dress that I've been wearing the past few years, but now I am thinking about wearing a vintage bright pink knit dress that I bought this fall and have been saving for a special occasion. I'll second that "thank you" for your Feminine Christmas series of posts!

  5. Another thank you for your Feminine Christmas series; they are always such fun. I think you do just about everything in life with Feminine Flair. I don't dress specially, since we celebrate very quietly at home, but I always get out some festive jewelry. That's my thing. Something that has no occasion to come out normally, like my big mid-century starburst pin of emeralds and diamonds. Sparkle!!

  6. I WILL.............dont know yet but I WILL BE FESTIVE!
    Most likely a LONG SKIRT or CAFTAN!