Thursday, December 21, 2017

On the Ninth Day of a Feminine Christmas

Are you warm enough?  I know.  Me either.  So I bought a classic set of pajamas in merry tartan similar to the ones above.

I think plaid is beautifully classic but when I was a young miss, I would have screamed if my mother tried to get me into what I would have considered to be "boys pajamas".  Let my brothers wear the red and green flannel pj's as well as the lasso-wielding cowboy-printed ones.  I only wanted long nightgowns with frills and ribbons.  Please!

But the older I get, the warmer I want to be in winter, especially during the Christmas season, when the desire to be cozy sets in.

I'm not saying abandon your silk nightgowns or your pretty summer will reach for them again.  But there is something wonderfully reassuring about slipping into soft and warm menswear-inspired pajamas on a cold winter solstice night.

Would you agree?


  1. Warm cozy plaid flannel pajamas are my favorite! I can't imagine waking up on Christmas morning with anything else. Yes, I adore silk gowns during warmer evenings but there is just something about plaid flannels that scream cozy winter night!!

  2. Yes, I agree, but I would opt for a plaid flannel nightgown as I can't stand pajamas on my legs in bed! I do cover up in 100% wool blankets with satin binding.