Thursday, February 8, 2018

Dear Void

Before work yesterday, I ran into Home Goods to buy a box of the most exquisite cream-colored candles that I've seen in years.  As usual, I created an extra errand because when I first saw them, I walked on by as I so often do.  It was only in afterthought that I realized how pretty they would look on my winter table.  And how soothing and calming they would be lit on these still-dark evenings.

In one of my most favorite movies, You've Got Mail, Kathleen Kelly writes an email to her unknown-at-the-time nemesis, Joe Fox and ends it with "Thank you Dear Void".  Her comments in the email are rhetorical and they do not really require responses - she is merely relaying trails of the thoughts and wanderings that come to all of us.  If you have a friend you can share with in this way, count yourself very fortunate.

Indeed, some of these random and often fleeting feelings, once emoted, make us feel less alone, especially if you have a thoughtful and silent recipient.  A nod of the head or a touch of the hand is far more comforting than a worded response sometimes and if emailed, the simple answer of "Ah..." carries all the empathy one requires.

And so, in the spirit of illustrating a point, I give you:

Dear Void,

Since I've lived long enough to know that lasting joy comes from memories and not objects, I will plan some spring excursions which include a beautiful botanical garden nearby.  And I will reach out to a friend who is also nearby but I have lost touch with through these long working years.  Perhaps our re-connection will be enhanced by the birth of my grandchild as I remember my friend's love of babies and children.  And I will craft a mental view of myself in my new role as I anticipate what will surely be the next greatest thing to happen to me.  As well, I want to read more meaningful books as I've discovered it is one of the best ways to fuel my mind for writing.  Without the perspective of the new ideas and experiences of others, I can't possibly hope to provide fresh imaginings for my readers, both here on the blog and for my paid writing.  I plan on calling the lovely lady who helped me with my first flower bed last year and check in on her and see if she can encourage me again during the next growing season.  And although possessions may not buy me happiness in the long term, I will light my creamy tapers as I expand my spring list in all the nicest ways...



Special Note:  The art is by Daniel F. Gerhartz who captures women in the most lovely inconsequential way.


  1. I nod my head often when I visit here.

    Somewhere I have a quote written down that goes something like Silence is the most sincere applause. I think it can be.


  2. I must say, I have been reading your blog on a regular basis for over a year and really enjoy your stories, perspectives and how you use and choose your words to bring life into your blog. In these days of uncertainty I am so very happy that I have a go to place for joyful and spirit filled readings. I am a Health and Wellness Coach and work with my clients to create a balance between all of their responsibilities and the important one to themselves. Reading your blog helps me to be a better, calmer and supportive coach. Thank you for your thoughts and continued inspiration to live (my business name and mission), A Life Well Balanced.

    1. Coraleen, your comment made my day! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  3. "You've Got Mail"!! One of my all time favorite movies also. I think I could talk along with most of the dialogue (although I mostly refrain). When my husband sees me watching it, he smiles and asks if I need anything else, as it's my comfort "go to" in messy times. Dear void, indeed. I love this post so much. Thank you.

    1. It is visual comfort food, isn't it Karen? And don't you think films are different since 9/11. You've Got Mail was made in 1998. Thank you so much!