Sunday, May 13, 2018

Flowers and Mothers

Lily of the Valley or Muguet de Bois, is the quintessential flower of spring.  Along with lilacs which burst into bloom the second week in May each year, spring bouquets are the most vivid and fragrant.  They bring back so many memories of childhood walks to school when the thought of summer vacations not too far off, filled us with glee.  There was much to look forward to in spring.  I cannot smell lilies or lilacs without jettisoning back to warm May mornings heading to school with white nylon ankle socks inching down beneath the heel of my shoes with each step.  Little did I notice with waving lilac fronds above the rows and rows of neat boxwoods that fenced the homes in my town.  And at the base of the small hill on my street was a untouched field of wild Lily of the Valley outfitted with deep green leaves and tiny pristine bells.  Even as children, we knew that parcel to be sacrosanct and didn't dare trample on it.  The neighborhood mothers loved the lilies.

And I've been busy loving someone new this May.  My new granddaughter arrived right on schedule.  My heart overflows...  When my daughter told me last fall that she was expecting a little girl, my response was immediate and visceral, "I get to do YOU all over again!"  And my new little grandchild does indeed look very much like my daughter with fleeting glimpses of my fine son-in-law too.  My heart overflows...

Flowers and mothers just seem to go together.  And flowers and grandmothers.  So many of the shops bring out flowering pots of pretty blooms, cut flowers and roses for Mother's Day.  Even the supermarkets find extra room for flowery gifts for Mother.  Perhaps it's because the holiday comes in spring when all the world's gardens are waking in unison, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  But every mother is touched when a little person brings them a hand-picked bouquet.  Even my bouquet of poison ivy elicited a smile from Mom, albeit very weak.  Flowers and mothers...mothers and flowers...

I found a dear Mother's Day card for a daughter who is now a mother with a bundle of her own, fresh-from-heaven.  She may receive a bouquet - flowers and daughters go together too.

I wish you love and flowers this Mother's Day!  And if your mother is no longer with you, I wish her spring lilies and lilacs...


  1. Oh such a beautiful post!! It brings lovely news. Heartfelt congratulations. I've had you in my mind recently, wondering if baby had come, and thinking about how happy and busy you must be if she had. Why am I not surprised that she arrived a girl?! I don't know of any other writers as feminine as you........

    Thank you for sharing your news with us Donna!


  2. Congratulations on your new granddaughter...what a blessing! Love this post - the smell of lilacs always takes me back to walking to school ( St. Charles ) and asking if we could cut lilacs from the homes we passed on the way. The lilacs decorated the May Altars to the Blessed Mother that we had in each classroom throughout the month of May. I can still smell the lilacs and hear the tall, tan shades slapping against the windows of our classroom as we studied and dreamed of summer!

  3. This was so beautiful, it made my heart hurt a little.

  4. Lovely post, yes, I too always loved the lilacs in spring!

  5. I brought tulips to the elderly moms in my nursing home Bible study class and they were as delighted as any mother would be. How delightful to realize that the flowers will always be a reminder of how beautiful God makes the earth--just as He made the earth more beautiful by blessing it with true-hearted, loving mothers--like YOU! Hugs, K

  6. HOW WONDERFUL FOR YOU!"YOU get to do it ALL over again!"
    Yes Flowers and Mothers........are a MATCH!

  7. Congratulations all around Donna! Enjoy and savor every moment! ❤️